Who are the Top Bingo-Loving Celebrities? Some Interesting Facts

Bingo is an old game – in fact, it’s got more than 500 years under its belt. The beauty about it is that it keeps evolving; if you look at the different varieties of bingo that exist online today, you’ll notice that there are so many versions that most anyone is sure to find their favourite version. Most anyone, indeed! You may not have noticed it until now, but there are many celebrities that enjoy the game too. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, actually – after all, the game is a wonderful way to spend time testing Lady Luck and quick wits, and you can spend hours and hours of socialising. Who are the top bingo-loving celebrities? Here are some interesting facts.


Celebrity Bingo


Surely you have heard of those celebrity Poker games – games in which famous people test each other (and their chances) whilst playing their cards and trying to bluff each other into submission. What you may not have come across, however, is the celebrity bingo version – even though it’s gaining in popularity and is almost as famous as the former. Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example, is famous for hosting a bingo party each Christmas, and if you have ever played a game online, you may not have been aware of your competition with other famous people.


Rock on!


Rock stars do it just as much as any other person: think about Bono – he had a stake in a bar which doubled as a bingo hall. And Robbie Williams has often been spotted at Hollywood bingo organisations.


Actors and actresses enjoy it as well


We’ve mentioned Catherine Zeta-Jones, but there are many others: Russell Crowe, for example, who once had a job as a bingo number caller.




Even the queen is in on it!


When the Queen is not busy with her day-to-day duties, she is said to enjoy bingo with her family when they get together. Prince William loves it, too.


And here’s another interesting fact, one that will surely pique your interest: did you know Sacha Baron Cohen (the famous comedian and actor) actually got in trouble with the law due to a game of bingo? The actor, famous for his work as “Borat” and “Ali G” actually got sued because he arrived at a bingo game as his “Bruno” character. Apparently his accuser, a woman named Olsen, claimed he was vulgar and offensive, and tried to take the microphone away from him. Things went horribly wrong and a physical struggle ensued. The lawsuit was eventually dropped, but not without consequences.


So the next time you play bingo, remember that you’re in great company – you never know against whom you’ll be playing next; you never know who’ll show up to liven up the atmosphere.




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